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City of Hayward Election. June 3, 2014

Ideas for Hayward Mayoral Candidates City Council Candidates
Sherman Lewis, with help from many civic activists around town, wrote this report, "Ideas for Hayward," to discuss most of the issues facing Hayward. It has detailed background information on all of the questions asked of the candidates. The PDF (linked below) allows you to click on an item in the table of contents to access the topics that most concern you. The mayoral candidates commented on the "Ideas for Hayward" report, and their comments are shown below. Sherman Lewis and several of his advisors discussed the issues for an hour or more with each candidate January 24, 2014, at Frank Goulart's historic Linekin building. All the city council candidates were sent "Ideas for Hayward." They were also sent a long questionnaire based on the report. Finally they were sent a follow-up with the five most important questions. Their responses are shown in the PDF below.
Ideas for Hayward (PDF) Mayoral Candidates comments (PDF) Council Candidates replies (PDF)

2012 Candidate Questionnaire

Questions and background information for Hayward City Council candidates, June 2012:
(All files are PDF)
2012 City Questionnaire <<-- It all starts here
All replies

Background material:

Creation Care for neighborhoods
Creation Care for urban regions
Project Overview 2-29-24
Roesch order ASCII facsimile
South Hayward Alt Access Planning
Sustainable Access to CSUEBH.pptx

238 Widening project (old)

Location: Hayward, California, 94541 From Union City to Castro Valley and Highway 580.

Background: From 1961 to 2002, Caltrans tried to build a freeway through the hills and homes of Hayward - five miles through about 300 dwellings and across the face of the hills. In the end, this devastating project was stopped by the courts. The judges ruled that Caltrans could not take money voters approved in 1986 for a project along Foothill and Mission Boulevards and spend it on a different project in a different alignment. In the spring of 2002, interested parties came close to an agreement on an alternative project, and in November 2002 Hayward voters amended the city's General Plan to allow the city to pursue the new project.

The new alternative is a compromise calling for an underpass from Jackson to Foothill and intersection widenings. The Hayward Area Planning Association supports this part of the compromise, but is opposing other parts of the plan. HAPA opposes widening Foothill downtown to ten lanes and destroying all the businesses on the east side. HAPA opposes widening Mission to eight lanes, destroying most of the businesses on the east side.

HAPA supports widening Mission to six lanes plus bicycle lanes, adjusting the on-ramps to I580 and I 238, and building a connector from I580 westbound to Foothill southbound.

More Info:

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Info below photo
Address: [spreadsheet]
Owner: [spreadsheet]
City Plan: Condemn about 35 feet off front of property
HAPA plan: [spreadsheet]
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Smart Growth Pictures, Mtn View

SB509 {link from home}
SB 509 as of October 28 {link}
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HAPA on SB 509: letter to Sen. Figueroa April 2003 {link}
Ronfeldt to Figueroa.5.30: letter on SB 509 (misdated) {link}
Ronfeldt to Figueroa.6.26: letter on SB 509 {link}
Gov Code 14528.5 to .8.wpd {link}
The Roberti Bill, Government Code Section 54235-54238.7 {link}

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Academic Senate Resolution in support of Smart Growth

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